Is BIG really better??

With our current global situation leading us down an unknown path, I'm sure you can agree we are all feeling that uncomfortable sensation toward the changes with social freedom and the simple everyday patterns in which we go about our life here in Australia. Let's face it, anxiety fosters prevention and safeguarding measures, such as reducing debts, considering protective actions and ways to maximise finances.

One couple decided that 'less is more' by giving themselves an advantage by building a smaller home right in their own backyard. They already loved the location, so it was time to reimagine how they would embrace change and still have the perfect environment to live and entertain.

Downsizing not only meant the couple could rent out the 'main' house, but they could live the more minimalist lifestyle they had always been craving- in a stunning thoughtfully designed home. The lifestyle benefits of less in every sense of the word allows the occupants to really focus on whats important.

With thoughtful and innovative small house design that focusses on the functional needs of

the individual or families lifestyle, it's a perfect way to enhance your life in so many ways.

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