Floor System

XO-Smart Floor Systems are a smarter, more thermally efficient alternative to the standard sheet flooring or fibre cement sheet we see in standard construction methodologies.

The SSS range of sustainable polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation materials consist of a high performance rigid PIR core which is sandwiched between a choice of exterior skins. Air cannot breach the exterior skins, therefore; helping minimise water and water vapour penetration to the core of the panels, that maintain a higher R-value in the building shell.

The standard XO-Smart Floor panels comprise of two outer layers of 6mm Fibre Cement Board sandwiched either side of a Polyisocyanurate insulation (PIR) core. The insulation panels are light weight and easy to handle by two men.

Span Sizes

3000mm x 600mm x 100mm

2700mm x 600mm x 100mm

2400mm x 600mm x 100mm

Floor System

XO-Smart Floor is the one of the most thermally efficient flooring systems available on the market that is made in Australia.
XO-Smart Floor provides an R rating of up to R2.6

XO Smart-Floor Can be used in a range of applications:

  • Internal and External

  • Suspended floors

  • Multi-level construction

  • Stump construction on steel or timber frame

  • Studios or granny flats