If you are operating in the Holiday experiences or developing and creating sustainable accommodation in tourism, then Modpods Australia is a great partner for you.

Our range of Modpod Villas are more than just sustainable accommodation built to withstand the extreme weather conditions, they are contemporary, sleek and spacious, yet warm and welcoming

they are perfect for any location and customisable for your needs, so your guests can relax in complete comfort.

You may have an Eco Retreat that you need the perfect cabin for your guests to reconnect with nature and unwind.

  • Secondary Dwellings are the perfect way of creating affordable housing

  • Granny Flats and Backyard Studio’s accommodate our aging family members or the young trying to get ahead financially.

  • These Modpods are equally as wonderful to create that additional income to supplement our lifestyle.

Holiday Parks

Provide affordable accommodation for traveller, couples and families but certainly don’t need to be Beach Resort.

Our vision at Modpods Australia is to create a benchmark for sustainable living unlike any other. The Modpod designs together with the expertise of a passionately driven builder and smart sustainable materials, to create modern communities that are aesthetic as they are functional with our ever-changing environment.

We believe our designs create ‘The Experiential Escape’ for anyone wishing to have that little something more in life. For any  Eco Tourism Development, our pods have been well thought out and are highly durable to  endure constant high traffic in a holiday lifestyle mode.   Living in one or our Modpods is truly an experience with year round comfort and clean modern finishes, you’ll never wish to leave.   Our designs appeal to the downsizers and still leave the owner feeling a sense of quaity and comfort.


Studios or private villas that interconnect seamlessly within a maze of boardwalks or tropical landscaped grounds.

The Studio Range are the ideal setting for any holiday, couple family. It can be beautifully appointed by our team with a specially designed finishing package, or you may wish to fit the interior based on other accommodation styling that you have.


As world environmental consciousness grows Modpods Australia embraces and continues to cultivate and eco-friendly lifestyle. Our objective is to make every effort to tread lighter on the land we live in.

Whether it’s a luxury getaway that you crave, or a peaceful place to practice, our Modpods are the perfect way to compliment the healing space of your Yoga Retreat.

By choosing any of our Modpod designs, you have secured yourself an advanced technology system that is a leading edge building solution for constructing high quality and thermally efficient buildings.