Smart Structure Systems

Smart Structure Systems - the ultimate in high thermal performance for our ever-changing planet.


The XO-Smart Systems are a faster and safe method of structural erection that results in a signi­ficant reduction in construction programming and in turn development costs.


Smart Structure Systems (SSS) delivers insulated panel components for Floors and Walls that are


Energy Efficient


What are SSS Panels?

All year round comfort

Load Bearing Thermally Efficient Structural System

Architecturally versatile with the ability to achieve any designed plan

Faster build time

Can be pre-fabricated, factory packed, ready to assemble structural walls

Long-term benefits of using this system include lower energy costs to cool and heat the home

Our panels are so adaptable, that a buildings design need not be compromised when using our floor, wall or roofing systems. It's only limited by the imagination.

WHY SSS Panels

Smart Structure Systems

At smart structure systems, we are inspired not only by the endless potential of modular or prefabricated architecture, but that we are creating sustainable buildings for the future.

Made for Australian Climate

Our SSS Panels are consciously made for our Australian climate.

For Builders, Architects, Developers and Building Designers, we offer you an advantage by using our premium systems to achieve outstanding sustainable designs on your next

New Homes


Duplex + Villas


- Holiday Parks

- Retreats

- B+B Stays

- Luxury Resorts

Also perfect for a weekend getaway, retirement downsizing or secondary dwellings.

Advantages of using Smart Structure Systems

Every home we design, is imagined, specified and built to work in perfect harmony. If you’re ready to create or discover the home you’ll love, it begins right here.

These are custom-designed, contemporary homes that place a premium on the finer details with a service experience that is second to none.

Building today for a better tomorrow, is important to us!


We are beyond excited to unveil our incredible new housing and tourism solutions, which has been a labour of love for the team at Modpods Australia.

Modpods Australia systems is leading the way of building with its intelligent technology.

The modular and thermally efficient system is either prefabricated or flat packed for easy assembly.

Modpods use a structural insulated wall system, insulated cassette flooring system and an all-in-one insulated roof structure, coupled with double glazed windows to provide superior insulation performance that’s in sync with todays need for better cost-effective solutions for reducing energy bills.

Our Modpod system combines not only light weight and strong structural insulation components, but the entire system is compliant and acceptable even in cyclone regions across Australia and in other countries. We are also working on customizing designs to accommodate certain regions throughout Asia and the USA.

The intelligent and forward thinking designed Modpods cover a range of options as Holiday Homes, Granny Flat, Studio Office or Eco Resort accommodation.

Ecotourism in Australia

Our passion and belief for eco-tourism in Australia is to create buildings that provide an experience for the user, and a building design that’s more sustainable for the owner.

Designing and producing the Modpod range was to promote and encourage ecotourism and most importantly sustainable environment practices in the Australian accommodation industry.

Knowing that our buildings are well thought out, so you can be assured that any Modpod accommodation design you select is making a genuine effort to minimise its

environmental impact.




When we designed the SSS systems, it was about designing and constructing buildings that were smarter in design, more sustainable for the Australian climate.


That’s why, our designs, or yours have become beautiful long-term solutions for the future.

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