Sustainable living through energy efficient materials and basic principle of design

If you have a block with a north facing yard, you will have taken a major step towards building a dream home that will not only be more energy efficient but also a delight to live in. A block with the right orientation will use the sun to heat the home in winter and exclude the sun in summer to prevent it heating up. The proper use of this principle will go a long way to achieving a minimum 6 star energy rating, especially if the orientation is teamed with one of our Modpod designs that use structurally insulated flooring, walls and roofing systems.

Passive Solar Design Principles

Passive solar design principles are to be incorporated into a build wherever possible. These include:​​

  • Building the home in the right aspect (e.g. with windows facing North)

  • Cross-ventilation

  • Shading

  • Solar Gain

  • Openable skylights and/or roof vents and highlight windows that allow hot air to escape

  • Window awnings

  • Double-glazed windows

How Efficient is SIPs Technology?

Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) boast excellent insulation and are airtight. The panels come standard 1200mm wide and they are filled with expanding foam before clicking together over a spline.

The panels are also very straight and there's little to no leakage where they are joined.

Sustainable Goals

Minimise natural resources

Decrease greenhouse emissions

Sourcing sustainable materials

Using low energy use fittings

Using water saving principles

Minimising site waste

Reduced site impact

Continuing Improvement

At Modpods Australia and Smart Structure Systems we embrace a mentality of continuous improvement to try and improve the building methodology and environmental performance of our components over time.   


It’s so important to keep progressing forward with new concepts, so we are constantly evolving the R&D, to keep at the forefront in Australian design and manufacturing industries.  Our aim within Smart Structure  Systems and Modpods Australia is to remain an innovative and progressive business model that allows us to explore new materials and technologies and provide components for an ever-changing climate in Australia.