Affordable Housing Options

Our recent enquires have been about escaping from the mainstream environment and creating a new way of living in remote or regional locations.

If you plan to live remotely, or build a house off the beaten track, you will need enough land to generate your own power and store your own water. Our range that we are developing in a flat pack will enable skilled individuals or with licences trades to assemble the system.

The Modpod system for a cabin or house depending on your needs, is fully insulated in the walls, floor, roof, and is supported on adjustable piers. Having the adjustable piers allows for easy connection for services and irregular terrain.

The R value on thermal properties can be increased by further insulation through the windows and doors being upgraded to double glazing.

Modpods can also overlay an ‘Off grid’ solar system to suit the size of the build as well. Everything we create, can be custom to suit your needs and transported to you.

Modpods Australia

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