The future is changing, and we are a part of it!

Modpods have created smart, responsive and sustainable home designs, to enhance your lifestyle and save reliance on energy.

About us

With like minded and creative individuals, Modpods Aust welcomes opportunities to work with Architects and Designers to not only showcase inspirational designs, but to show the flexibility of the Modpods.

We can create a custom overlay for your existing design or you can use our standard sizes to work into your project. Together with unrivalled air-tight performance, the system ensures a beautiful feel within the building. There is a comfortable ambience within the interior of a home constructed with SIPs that always surprises even the most educated professionals.

SSS Panels
Does Your Next Project Need

Faster Build Times - Smarter More Efficient Building Material

Less Trades on Sites - Australian Made

  • Our system make it easy for you.

  • Easy to manage connecting SIP flooring, wall and roof systems.

  • Whatever your housing needs ModPods has the solution.

Be a part of the sustainable building revolution with high quality sustainably designed, environmentally friendly, prefabricated, modular buildings.


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