Spring has finally sprung!

Guys, the weather is showing us how things are done. you cannot fault the glorious start to Spring 2020, considering how the Autumn and Winter have been for us all, its lovely to see nature shine at its best. This gets us all thinking about getting out and about and enjoying a little sunshine, maybe even a little getaway to take respite and reduce cabin fever. (No pun intended)

It's time to think about all those projects you've been thinking about, whether its building that second dwelling for additional income or to accomodate the growing family (that never what to leave home)

Our Modpods are stylish and highly adaptable to suit all your needs. If you have been thinking anything accommodation, its time to act on those thoughts. #accommodation #modpodsaustralia #grannyflats #getaways #escapes #cabins #retreats #studio #poolhouse #cabana #newcastle

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